Drainage holes 

Our planters do not have drainage holes but are made to fit pots that are between 70mm to 90mm diameter. The main focus of the planters are to be statement pieces combining my love of plants, horror and gothic design.  

STL Files

We do not sell or give out our STL files.


We are a small family run business and do our best to restock our products every 2 weeks on a Sunday at 6PM GMT (if you want to find out the time in your own city you can search for this on google for example - '6pm GMT to California time' this will give you the time where you live.   

Dispatching orders

We do our best to get our items to you as soon as we can, but these items are hand made and made to order. We currently have a dispatch time of 14 working days (Monday to Friday) Your order will be dispatched within these 14 working days.

Order enquires -

If you have any problems with any orders you have placed with us, please let us know at - Mayhemmadehome@gmail.com

Currency -

To see your countries currency there is a tab at the bottom left of the website which lets you select which country you are in. This will then change all our prices to your local currency.


We use PLA (bio degradable plastic) which is a renewable resource made from corn-starch or sugar cane and we also use recycled PLA filament as we want to make amazing products for your home while minimizing damaging the Earth and environment.